Erick Stakelbeck On Judea & Samaria


Our friend Erick Stakelbeck, who recently joined us as host of the Goldsmith event in Nashville, has taped a series of episodes on location in Israel’s heartland of Judea and Samaria. The shows are excellent and informative, and we highly recommend them to you! (Watch closely, and you might even spot some people you know!)... Read MoreRead More

Letter From A Vineyard Owner


This is a letter from a vineyard owner that HaYovel has helped for many years. Also a short video of this vineyard owner telling the story of how HaYovel first came to help him! Dear Sherri and Tommy Waller and members of Hayovel, Peace and blessings from the Holy Land. I walk around my wine... Read MoreRead More

Snow Storm While Pruning In Israel

The Pruning team arrived in Israel a week and a half ago, to the sound of beautiful Israeli weather: the downpour of rain! Israel experienced a tremendous amount of the the latter rains that Scripture speaks of. In one week alone, the Sea of Galilee rose approximately 30 inches! Israel has not seen rain like... Read MoreRead More