Bless Israel by BUYING and/or PROMOTING the For Zion’s Sake Cookbook! Are you a person who believes that God blesses those who bless Israel? If so, we would like to present to you a fresh off the press cookbook compiled with Israel in mind. This is a fund raiser for HaYovel ministries, which works to... Read MoreRead More

Harvesters Tell

The harvest is continuing here in the Heartland of Israel with a total of 98.5 tons of grapes picked so far! HaYovel harvesters who are working hard and giving of their time to pick grapes also volunteered to tell us about how the grape picking is done! Enjoy this short video below.Read More

History & Prophecy

Submitted By: Jacob   “Again I will build you, and you will be built, O virgin of Israel… You shalt yet plant vines on the mountains of Samaria” Jer 31:4-5   When we come to the mountains of Samaria and see Israeli farmers working hard to prepare the rocky soil and plant grape vines we... Read MoreRead More

I Believe

“I Believe” is a song that crushes the barriers of ideological differences. The foundation of an eternal righteous plan for the redemption of the whole earth begins with a special covenant to a specific people in a specific land. In the millenniums following this promise men have sought to alter, to distort, and even undo... Read MoreRead More

He That Keeps Israel

Submitted By: Karen It’s been busy around here! The harvesters have picked 60 tons from different vineyards of grapes so far! And the bulk of the harvest has yet to begin! Yesterday we hauled chicken manure via bucket brigade down vineyard rows and dumped it bucket by bucket over individual plants. It was humbling, hard... Read MoreRead More