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Announcing an opportunity to connect with Sukkot in the Land of Israel! Below is a link to a pre-recorded video that reports on the work we have been doing here in the land.  Read More

Yom Kippur

Submitted By: Lydia J. Yom Kippur is a day of somber prayer, fasting, introspection and repentance for Torah observers all over the world, but in few cities is it so easily seen as in Jerusalem itself. Residents, tourists, pilgrims and a handful of vinedressers are given the unique opportunity to see the world’s most important city grind to... Read MoreRead More


  Submitted By: Jacob Sukkot is a special time here in Israel for everyone and the HaYovel team is no exception! We are all camping out together to celebrate this “Festival of Booths.” “On the fifteenth day of this seventh month is the Festival of Booths for seven days to the Lord.” Lev. 23:34 Our... Read MoreRead More


  Bless Israel by BUYING and/or PROMOTING the For Zion’s Sake Cookbook! Are you a person who believes that God blesses those who bless Israel? If so, we would like to present to you a fresh off the press cookbook compiled with Israel in mind. This is a fund raiser for HaYovel ministries, which works to... Read MoreRead More

Harvesters Tell

The harvest is continuing here in the Heartland of Israel with a total of 98.5 tons of grapes picked so far! HaYovel harvesters who are working hard and giving of their time to pick grapes also volunteered to tell us about how the grape picking is done! Enjoy this short video below.Read More