Meet Our Staff: Zac & Becca Waller

Up this week in the “Meet Our Staff” series: Zac and Becca Waller Zac Waller was born in Kentucky and raised in the hills of Tennessee. He found his life calling on the mountains of Samaria in the heartland of re-born Israel. At the age of thirteen, he dedicated his life to the God of... Read MoreRead More

Podcast: The Self Destruction of the Palestinian Government

The Palestinian Authority government has always been corrupt. Recently, however, they have hidden their motives less and less. From cutting salaries to their own employees and using the money to pay murderers to refusing medical aid from the UAE because the shipment was coordinated through Israel, they are finally showing their true colors. Did you... Read MoreRead More

Religious Freedom in God’s House

Religious Freedom in God’s House By Ben Hilton Several weeks ago as the coronavirus was sweeping the world, something concerning was happening in regard to religious freedom in the United States. Governors had, in the name of protecting us from infection, ordered mass lockdowns and quarantines. This included the closing of many businesses deemed non-essential.... Read MoreRead More

Podcast: Pentecost and the Connection to Jerusalem

Shavuot, also known as Pentecost, is a Jewish holiday that started at Mt. Sinai. Although more obscure than some of the other biblical holidays, Shavuot has a depth that should be known and celebrated by all Bible believers. On today’s podcast, we interview Moshe Kempinksi, a shop owner in the Old City of Jerusalem. You... Read MoreRead More