Touching the Apple of God’s Eye

70% of the world’s cases of the Coronavirus are located in countries who actively supported President Trump’s “Deal of the Century” or alternatively, rejected it on the basis that it was not good enough for the Palestinians. Today’s show lists multiple times when US leaders have tried to divide the land of Israel, and experienced... Read MoreRead More

Even if You’re at Home This Passover You Can Still Order Israeli Wine

Buy Israeli Wine for Passover Why is this night different? Passover is a time when families and communities come together to remember God’s faithfulness when He delivered His people Israel from slavery in Egypt. By many signs and miracles, God rescued His people out of Egypt and brought them through the desert and into the promised land, fulfilling His promise that He... Read MoreRead More

Now is A Great Time to Make Fall Plans

While the world is experiencing chaos and fear in these uncertain times, we, as believers can trust in God and know that this too will pass. We have a great opportunity to respond to these challenges by blessing and serving the nation of Israel. As fellow Israel-lovers, we know that you want to both experience... Read MoreRead More