The King is in the Field – Podcast

We are nearing the end of the month of Elul on the biblical calendar, which means we are approaching Rosh HaShana – also known as Yom Teruah. The King is in the field, and we don’t want to miss Him! Joshua and Luke give a quick update on HaYovel and the elections in Israel before... Read MoreRead More

New Volunteer Programs Now Available

Are you already in Israel and want to come out and volunteer on the Mountains of Samaria? Do you want to bring your tour group out for a day and get your hands dirty? With our new Weekend and One Day volunteer programs, you can now come and get to experience volunteering in the Heartland even if you... Read MoreRead More

Israel Elections Explained – Round 2

Results from the elections in Israel are in, and officially, things are at a stalemate. A closer look however, reveals that Netanyahu may have a better chance at continuing his legacy than originally thought. Alternatively, Israel may head to elections for the third time in one year. Joshua and Luke give you all of the... Read MoreRead More