Willing to Act: Lessons from the Story of Purim

The festival of Purim begins tonight! Jewish people around the world will be reading through the book of Esther and remembering the miraculous deliverance that God brought about for His people so many years ago. But what does this ancient Persian story about banquets, gallows and decrees have to do with you and me? Join Joshua and... Read MoreRead More

Family Week 2019 – What to Expect

Do you feel a need to regroup and refocus? Do you desire closer relationships and greater unity in your family? Are you looking for other believers to fellowship with? Do you have a longing to grow your faith and go deeper in your relationship with God? “Family Week” is a week-long gathering of families, singles,... Read MoreRead More

Podcast: All Settlements Declared Legal?

Fresh news is out about the Deal of the Century, and evangelical leaders may be letting Israel down in the White House. Will President Trump’s ultimate deal declare the settlements legal, but take away 90% of the Biblical Heartland away to create a Palestinian state? Time is ticking until the peace plan is released, most likely in another month, just after Israel’s elections are held.

Now is the time for Christians all over the world to stand up and act on behalf of Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria. For such a time as this, we cannot be silent.

What Inspired You to Support ISRAEL?


Tune into this week’s episode of The Joshua & Caleb Report Podcast: Hamas declares “no money, no calm” along the Gaza border. Israel ranks as the 10th healthiest country in the world. The Galilee has risen 6 feet this winter. More news from the heartland of Israel! On the show this week, Joshua and Luke... Read MoreRead More

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