What It Means to Touch the Apple of God’s Eye

Don’t Touch the Apple of God’s Eye by Ben Hilton A spreading virus, stock market drops, toilet paper panic, it’s all the talk these days. It seems we can’t get away from the coronavirus conversations, no matter where we turn. I’m sure you are hoping I will take that introduction as a segway to move... Read MoreRead More

What Does the Bible Say About Current Events?

Did you know that the Bible talks about drought, locusts and pestilence all in the same verse? Not only that, but being healed and finding healing for our lands is connected to praying towards Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. Don’t take our word for it though – listen to today’s show to find out more.... Read MoreRead More

Can A Jew Build A Home In Judea?

Jews Building Homes in Judea By Luke Hilton Just after the “Deal of the Century” was released, Jared Kushner, one of the main architects of the deal, told Egyptian TV that one of the plan’s goals was to limit settlement expansion and growth in the West Bank. This week, along with his efforts to advance... Read MoreRead More