Pulling No Punches with the United Nations

Joshua and Luke are back together broadcasting from the Mt of Blessing deep in the heart of the Biblical Heartland of Israel. Loving Israel’s stones and dust has taken on a whole new meaning for Joshua as he led a group of volunteers in search for the actual site of the Shiloh Tabernacle. Ayelet Shaked... Read MoreRead More

Have A Vehicle You No Longer Need ?

HaYovel needs community support and collaboration to continue crucial programs. Did you know we also accept vehicles as donations? What Does HaYovel Do with Donated Vehicles? Most vehicles are sold through local auctions, and HaYovel uses the proceeds from the sale of your vehicle to continue to strengthen and undergird the often overlooked small independent... Read MoreRead More

Christian Zionism & the Founding of Israel

This week, on the Joshua & Caleb Report, Joshua is joined by his wife Katelyn to discuss Christian Zionism. While in Jerusalem recently, they were asked by some Jewish people…’Who are you? What type of Christian are you?’ They answered ‘We’re Christian Zionists!’ and this episode was birthed. Listen and learn of four Christian Zionists... Read MoreRead More

Limited Resources to Come to Israel? Watch this video

“I don’t have deep pockets, but I have a big Heavenly Father!”

Meet Sharril Sherwood and hear her incredible story of coming to Israel and finding a calling beyond what she had ever dreamed of.

If you’ve ever wanted to come to Israel but found age or financial resources to be an obstacle, Sharril has something to share with you!


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