Christians Are Facing a Global Problem Today

Will aligning yourself with Israel help you overcome a global problem that is facing Christianity today? Today, you get to hear from Joshua and Nate and Luke and Zac, all in one show! First, Joshua and Nate give an update of their time in the heartland of the United States, including some exciting progress on... Read MoreRead More

The Nation’s Won’t Buy Anti-Israel UN Resolutions Anymore – Podcast

Thirteen nations voted against anti-Israel UN resolutions for the first time. A real estate conference in Eilat this week included Judea and Samaria in their planning and discussions. Defense Minister Naftali Bennet has approved construction in Hebron that will double the Jewish population. Zac Waller joins Luke Hilton in the studio this week to discuss... Read MoreRead More

Join Us For Hanukkah in Israel

Are you a Christian in Israel, wondering exactly what is going on in Samaria? Maybe you’ve heard about people coming from nations all over the world to help Jewish farmers plant vineyards, harvest grapes and fulfill prophecy, but you’re not quite sure if it’s all legit? Now is your chance to come see for yourself!... Read MoreRead More