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The Festival of Lights, Donuts, and….Jerusalem

Where can you eat donuts, sip coffee, and walk through a neighborhood where every house is lit by the light of a hanukkiah?

This week, Joshua Waller and Luke Hilton are back together on the Mt of Blessing, and they tackle everything from politics in Israel to Hanukkah in Jerusalem. Tune in to hear about President Trump’s recognition of the actual meaning and significance of Hanukkah as well as an executive order that he signed to combat anti-semitism on Israel’s college campuses. Gidon Saar is trying to unseat Netanyahu in internal primary elections. Hear Joshua Waller’s analysis on Israel’s politics and who is his favorite politician in Israel.

This, and so much more on today’s episode of the Joshua and Caleb Report podcast. Please be sure to comment, like, and subscribe to our channel.

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