Greening Israel’s Heartland

Vision: Restoring Israel’s Ancient Forest & Wildlife

“So they will say, ‘This land that was desolate has become like the garden of Eden; and the wasted, desolate, and ruined cities are now fortified and inhabited.’” ‭‭(Ezekiel‬ ‭36:35)‬ ‭

HaYovel has a long-standing, strong, working relationship with the community of Har Bracha, located in the mountainous region of Samaria, Israel. The Greening Israel’s Heartland Project is a strategic development between the community of Har Bracha and HaYovel. Our goal is to create a reforestation prototype that can be duplicated in every municipality throughout Israel’s heartland.

The partnership between HaYovel and the community of Har Bracha has brought thousands of volunteers into Israel, has planted tens of thousands of grapevines and harvested thousands of tons of grapes. All of this has happened over the last fourteen years.

We feel that now is the time to start this reforestation project. We currently have 100 acres of land allocated to the project and are ready to begin.

Water Tanker – $7,150
The water tanker will be used to transport water to remote locations of reforestation.

6000 Trees – $214,500
An initial 6000 trees will be used to start the program, and future forests and trees will be continually funded by tour groups and individuals that come to Israel.

Groasis Watering System – $95,333
The Groasis watering systems will be a huge asset to the reforestation process. These waterers are designed for reforesting desert climates. The Waterboxx holds up to four gallons of water that it collects from dew, condensation and rain, and releases it slowly through wicks underneath. The system only releases enough water to keep the tree alive but not enough to grow. This pushes the tree to find an alternate water source, keeping the tree from depending on drip irrigation. An especially useful time for the Waterboxx is in the summer months when there is a water shortage in the area. When the Waterboxx is first installed, it is filled only once, after which it collects its own water.

Plant Protectors – $8,818
Plant protectors will be used to protect the trees from the wildlife in the area. They also keep the temperatures more balanced around the trees until they get used to the climate.

Total amount needed for Phase 1 of the Greening’s Heartland Project: Equipment and Trees – $325,801
(10% has been added for administrative costs)

With your investment help, we will be able to contribute to re-greening Judea and Samaria – areas not yet reached by similar projects in Israel. Contact us today to find out more!

Nate Waller
Project Manager

All donations will be used for the stated purpose until that purpose is met or discontinued. Remaining funds will be used for other purposes, as determined by HaYovel.