Heavy Equipment Proposal

Equipping HaYovel to Operate Efficiently

HaYovel’s campus is located on the Mount of Blessing, and is adjacent to the modern Orthodox community of Har Bracha. We work and operate under the authority and blessing of Rabbi Eliezer Melamed and the Har Bracha Council.

Our facility hosts all our harvest and pruning volunteers, in addition to hosting tour groups in the off seasons, and adding more volunteer programs yearly to bring in more international volunteers for opportunities such as pruning, planting, harvest, and tree planting.

Due to this fact, we need to be able to maintenance our facility and upgrade it to accommodate our ever growing staff, to be a destination for tour groups coming to Samaria, and to bring in an ever growing number of volunteers. We are also landscaping the entire campus.

To accomplish these exciting and vital tasks, and to grow at the rate that we feel God has called us to, we are requesting funding to purchase adequate equipment to assist us in improving our Israel campus.

Mini Excavator – $109,000

A mini excavator would greatly enhance the work of HaYovel with construction projects, landscaping and infrastructure. A jackhammer attachment is a necessity for the rocky soil, here in the mountain region.

Skid Steer – $100,000

A skid steer would be a huge asset to the work of HaYovel in many different areas, including landscaping, loading and unloading trucks with a forklift attachment, mixing concrete for small projects with concrete mixer attachment, chipping tree prunings with the chipper attachment, mowing overgrown areas with the brush mower attachment, and using the post driver and auger attachments for fencing and building trellising for vineyards.

Dump Trailer – $15,875

A dump trailer would be multi-purpose:

  • Hauling equipment to and from work/reforestation sites
  • Hauling dirt to places that have eroded badly
  • Hauling trees to reforestation sites
  • Hauling materials needed for HaYovel operations

Equipment Trailer – $4,000

An equipment trailer would be used to haul equipment to and from work sites and to carry heavy materials as needed.

6 Seater Polaris Ranger – $16,300

A Polaris Ranger would be used for security patrols, maintenance on HaYovel’s base of operations, taking people in and out of rough places in the vineyards, and giving tours of the area.

Total amount needed: $245,175

With your investment help, we will be able to effectively grow our Israel campus, which in turn will allow us to bring more volunteers, host more tour groups, and train more ambassadors to advocate on behalf of Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria. Contact us today to find out more!

Nate Waller – Project Manager

All donations will be used for the stated purpose until that purpose is met or discontinued. Remaining funds will be used for other purposes, as determined by HaYovel.