Transportation Proposal

Each year, HaYovel spends approximately $50,000 renting vehicles in Israel. In addition, we have large costs for bus rental which we may be able to decrease by obtaining our own vehicles.

This is a huge financial burden on the organization, as the money spent in renting transportation does not benefit us in the long term. Due to the nature of HaYovel’s work in agriculture, we are often driving in rough terrain, commonly resulting in damage to rental vehicles, which adds more fees to our bills. Also, we are often not able to rent the exact type of vehicles that we need, making our work even more difficult.

We are looking to purchase the following vehicles in Israel, which would enable us to run our own operations, greatly lightening the financial burden on HaYovel.

Toyota Hino Flatbed Truck – $72,211

A Toyota Hino flatbed truck would be very useful in the work of HaYovel, for hauling equipment and supplies to volunteer work sites for reforestation projects, construction materials, vineyard sites, and procuring large items for HaYovel’s operations.

GMC Savana – $71,627

A GMC Savana would provide the needed space for the HaYovel procurement team to get the needed groceries and other essentials for volunteer operations, as well as providing space to bring volunteers with luggage to and from the airport (eliminating the need to rent 9-passenger vehicles).

Ford Expedition XLT – $87,323

A Ford Expedition would be used to give VIP tours in the Heartland of Israel, to transport volunteers to and from the airport, and for volunteer operations.

Toyota Land Cruiser – $91,549

The Toyota Land Cruiser would be essential to volunteer operations, transporting HaYovel volunteers to and from the fields, as well as bringing them to and from the airport.

Toyota Camry – $52,704

A Toyota Camry would be an all-around go-to car, used for meetings, errands, transporting volunteers, and much more.

Total amount needed: $375,054

With your investment help, we will be able to effectively grow HaYovel, which in turn will allow us to bring more volunteers, host more tour groups, and train more ambassadors to advocate on behalf of Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria. Contact us today to find out more!

Nate Waller – Project Manager

All donations will be used for the stated purpose until that purpose is met or discontinued. Remaining funds will be used for other purposes, as determined by HaYovel.